New Articles Coming for 2014

I’ve heard that they key to getting traffic on your blog is consistently updating your content. Well, with school and hockey during the year, I haven’t been able to do that very well. But over the break I was able to do some writing. I wrote 8 articles about things that popped into my head, or things that were bugging me, or things that I read about and wanted to integrate into writing. I also did a bit of coaching over the break with some of my clients from the summer, and got to watch coaches at various levels coach. I’m starting to like writing my blog articles because it allows me to get my ideas down. Then it allows me to communicate those ideas without repeating myself every time I talk with someone new. And finally, it gives people a chance to argue me more effectively because they can counter my ideas with information on my approach and outlook. Click through to find out the release schedule and more information

Each article will be released on Tuesdays at 2:00pm Pacific for the next 8 weeks.

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Cheers, Jason


Published by

Jason at Train 2.0

2.0 was born from the belief that 1.0 isn't good enough. The way we're approaching coaching, training, and development for hockey needs to be rethought. My own lessons have led me to rethink the way it's being done and I can't help but write about it. I'm writing for my 12, 13, 14, 15 year old self who didn't have this resource. I'm writing for parents who are putting their dollars and trust in coaches who are wasting all of it. I'm writing because I hope it can make a difference.

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