Superfood Taco Salad – Ready in 20 minutes or less

Yesterday, I have no clue why, but I just went wild in the kitchen. At lunch time, I got really creative with a salad dressing, and then at dinner, I got creative again. Result: The Superfood Taco Salad. I had enough for dinner, and seconds at lunch the next day. So you could say it feeds two hockey players, or about 3-4 normal people…all in 20 minutes. Here’s what you need:

All you need is one of these and…

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Muscle Pudding – Recipe

Buzzword Warning!!

This recipe is gluten-free, vegan, dairy free, raw, natural, unprocessed….

But that’s not why I love this recipe. I love it because it is incredibly calorie dense, full of micronutrients, absolutely delicious, portable and filling. Everything that an athlete needs.

Plus, it was shared with me by a guy named Sajo (which is cool in and of itself), and he looks like this:

Sajo (aka Sam Johnston)

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Ubyssey Version of Creatine Supplementation

No-Nonesense Guide to Creatine Supplementation

I already wrote an article on creatine supplementation for my blog. But this version has some nice quotes from one of my profs and has the added bonus of being edited! Give it a read if you want a refresher, or if my last iteration sucked, and you’re glad I rewrote it.


I was inspired to write this post after meeting some family in Winnipeg. One of my cousins that I’d never met before turns out to be quite a hockey player, and we chatted a bit about why I do what I do after my own games. While I share my guidelines for recovery with my clients in the summer time, I wanted to write a blog post to put down my latest thoughts on an important subject: recovery. This article will have a broad scope because I’m going to talk about my thoughts on recovery in general, and also my specific habits that I engage in to aid my recovery after games and practices.

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